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2019 CIAA Education day

CIAA is an athletic conference that takes place every year in Charlotte! Many people from the neighboring states visit the city to attend the CIAA Tournament and local parties in the city! As an Assistant Principal at a local charter school in Charlotte, the highlight of my weekend comes from the experience that I am able to provide to my students at the CIAA Education Day Program.

This years event was filled with performances from Virginia State Cheerleaders, Saint Augustine Cheerleaders, and the “Trojan Explosion” marching band from Virginia State! I was fortunate enough to have my students take a picture with members of the marching band. Even though I attended Norfolk State, it was nice to see my students engage in conversations with members of the VSU marching band.

In addition to watching the band perform, students were also able to see performances from cheerleaders of the various CIAA schools!

Each year CIAA host a college fair for middle and high school students to provide opportunities for scholarships, application fee waivers, and college acceptances! Some of the schools that were in attendance included: Virginia State, Saint Augustine, Bowie State, and Fayetteville State. It was rewarding to see some of the students that doubted themselves get accepted into 4 year colleges while at the event.

Overall, this was a great experience for me and my students! Although the tournament will be moving to Baltimore next year, it was great to see the CIAA Tournament provide opportunities such as this to students! For more information on the CIAA Tournament visit !

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