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Crate Digging Chronicles | Premium Sounds

In this blog post, I will briefly explain my crate digging experience at Tip Top Daily Market in Charlotte, NC.

For people that know me, I love to crate dig. Charlotte is home to a few record stores that I would consider myself a regular: Lunchbox Records, Repo Records, Manifest, and if you're in Matthews, Hardy Boy Records. While strolling through instagram, I noticed that a hidden gem has been in my path for almost a year and I NEVER KNEW IT EXISTED! The Tip Top Daily Market is a store because they sell Beer and Records (What can be better than that?). I instantly felt a Common Market vibe because of the nice selection of local beers from the surrounding breweries when I walked into the market. As I walked into the store, I noticed the Premium Sound record store sitting off to the left-hand side of the store.

As a avid crate digger, I also check the dollar bins, jazz section, and the R&B/Soul Section. The selection wasn't HUGE, but it was straight on with the classic records that they has in the store. From Jay-Z's Dynasty Album to the classic Hank Crawford Wildflower record, the store had a good enough selection for producers like myself. I was able to walk out with 5 records for under $80! Many of the records were reasonably priced, which is always a plus with the dollar bin doesn't surprise you with any classic records.

I was able to purchase the following records:

Beverly & Duane - Beverly & Duane - $28

The Future - Past, Present, and The Futures - $12

Hank Crawford - WildFlower - $9

Dee Dee Bridgewater - $7

Enchantment - Once Upon A Dream - $6

Overall, my crate digging experience was great. Usually I spend no less then an hour in a record store, but this was a quick visit because of prior obligations. I will definitely be visiting Premium Sounds again in the near future as they continue to grow and expand as a crate diggers paradise for crate diggers in Charlotte, NC.

Follow @premiumsoundNC and @diggers_delight on instagram for more information on this hidden Record Store in Charlotte, NC.

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